Frequently asked questions

Question: How to transfer WomanLog data from the free version to the paid version?
Answer: You can transfer your data using the same WomanLog account in WomanLog's Settings->WomanLog account. Please choose Restore data when you install Pro version.

Question: What do the lightest petals of the fertility prognosis mean?
Answer: WomanLog forecasts ovulation days on the basis of the previous cycle data. Additional forecasted ovulation days (lightest petals) appear if the length of the previous cycle is different. Additional days (lightest petals) are added to the forecasted ovulation of the next cycle depending on the fluctuations of the cycle's length during the previous 12 months.

Question: How can I transfer WomanLog data from one phone/device to another?
Answer: WomanLog provides data transfer between Android phones and iPhones, as well as between Android and iPhone. Please use your WomanLog account in WomanLog's Settings->WomanLog account or choose Restore data when you install WomanLog on another device.

Question: I installed the Pro version on the Android phone, why does the widget not appear?
Answer: Widget does not appear automatically. In order to join the widget, please click the main menu button (when none of the applications is active) and choose the possibility "Add" and than "Widget". Find in the list and choose WomanLog Small or Large.

Question: I purchased your app a few months ago. I gotta new phone and I did the stuff with the backup and so on. It all worked fine, but I would like the pro version on my new phone as well but of course without paying again.
Answer: If you migrate to the same platform phone (Android->Android, iPhone->iPhone) then you will not need to buy Pro version again, please use the same userID and you will be able to download Pro version for free. But if you migrate to a different platform phone (Android->iPhone, iPhone->Android) then you have to buy Pro version again. Apple App Store and Google Play are totally separate markets.

Question: My cellphone was stolen a week ago with all my data. Can you please send me my info if it's possible? I want to restore the data, where can I get it?
Answer: We are very sorry but due to our security and data protection policy we do not have an access to our users' data. You can restore your data if you install WomanLog on another device and if you had a backup in WomanLog account (in WomanLog's Settings->WomanLog account or if you choose Restore data when you install WomanLog).

Question: Is it possible to sync my Application data with my iPhone and iPad?! If I am using the application on my iPhone and iPad, will my information sync between the two? Or do I have to manually backup the information on one and restore the information to the other?
Answer: Yes, you can sync your data between several devices using Online backup and data synchronization. You can enable it in WomanLog's Settings->WomanLog account using the same WomanLog account.

Question: Can I share my cycle data with my partner?
Answer: Yes you can do it. Please use button "Calendars" in One month form and enable Sharing Data option and invite your partner.

Question: How do I see my backup info? If I've backed up my info, how do I access that info? How to print out data or get a file to transfer to my computer to print out data?
Answer: Unfortunately it cannot be seen on a computer. You can only restore this data on a phone/tablet using WomanLog account (in WomanLog's Settings->WomanLog account). If you want to see your data in a table format, please use "Cycle Overview" option (Pro version, Summary section), which allows sending your data in pdf file format to an email.

Question: I forgot my passcode. How can I restore it?
Answer: You can restore your passcode only if you have a valid WomanLog account. Please use Forgot passcode option and the email address of your WomanLog account. Important!!! In accordance with our security and data protection policy WomanLog developers cannot restore your passcode.

Question: I forgot my passcode, I have not provided an e-mail address for passcode recovery and I do not have a WomanLog account. Can I get access to my calendar data?
Answer: Unfortunately in this case you cannot get access to your data and you will loose all of your data. In this case the only option is to reinstall WomanLog again and start using from zero.

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