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5 Reasons to Track Your Cycle with WomanLog

Mobile period trackers have revolutionized access to data-driven knowledge about the female reproductive cycle. Not long ago, all we had was a calendar, a pen, and our own questions. Now, period trackers make it possible to record the daily progress of your menstrual cycle and the symptoms you experience, pinpoint ovulation, predict when your next period will start, help you get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, and much more—all in one simple app on your phone.

Unlocking Insights: Visual Guide to 5 Reasons to Track Your Cycle with WomanLog

More than 10 years in the market has taught us the ins and outs of period tracking, making it possible for WomanLog to develop an application that can be tailored to the needs of any woman. We have designed many custom settings and offer a library of symptom options to allow you to create an accurate overview of your menstrual cycle based on the data you provide.

In this article, we will share the benefits of using our app and how it can heighten your awareness of your own reproductive health.

Why should I track my cycle with WomanLog?

Reason 1: Personalized menstrual cycle tracking

Whether you are using WomanLog for free or have chosen the Pro version, the first thing you notice when you open our app is the sleek design of the main page. Here you can see an overview of your cycle or pregnancy and record your latest symptoms. Thanks to our hardworking programmers and feedback from our loyal users, we have developed an intuitive design that is easy to use. A simple click takes you to the month view of your menstrual cycle, showing predicted bleeding and fertile days.

Effortless Personalized Menstrual Cycle Tracking with WomanLog

The graph view provides an overview of your cycle over time and offers insights into the patterns and irregularities of your unique period experience.

If you go to Settings, you will find many options for customizing how you track your cycle. WomanLog has three basic modes.

  • Standard Mode allows you to record the symptoms and moods you experience daily, the medicines you take, body weight, basal body temperature, cervical mucus consistency, and other physiological and psychological changes. Our Intelligent Assistant feature displays the patterns that arise in your unique cycle and predicts what you can expect each day of the month.
  • Pregnancy Mode allows you to track your pregnancy journey. It works much like standard mode, but instead of showing you your cycle, you can follow along with where you are in your pregnancy. You can also easily record information about previous pregnancies.
  • Menopause Mode was created for women who haven’t had a period in 12 months or longer. The threshold indicating that perimenopause is over, and you have entered menopause, is that you have enjoyed an entire year without menstruating! But this doesn’t mean your body has stopped changing. In ‘meno mode’, you can continue to track the symptoms you experience and register a period if you have one.

Pro users can track their cycles against the phases of the moon (after all, the lunar cycle lasts as long as the average menstrual cycle).

In addition, you can choose from 30 different languages, switch to Dark Mode, set reminders for taking birth control pills, supplements, and medications, record your basal body temperature, determine your ovulation window, and more. You can also choose from our extensive gallery of themes to customize WomanLog just the way you like it.

Comprehensive Cycle Tracking: Monitor Fertile Days, Weight, Moods, and Health Symptoms with WomanLog

The WomanLog Pro version has an archive of more than 160 symptoms that can be added to your monthly tracking regimen. Track your cycle, fertile days, weight, moods, and related health symptoms such as odd dreams or nightmares, night sweats, blood sugar levels, fever, the condition of your skin, and more. Tracking your daily experience allows you to better understand how hormonal changes influence your health and makes it easier to notice patterns.

Reason 2: We provide a large library of science-based articles

Fertility and reproduction are complex biological processes that affect many aspects of your life. We have written about many of these themes to provide you with information that can help you understand your own body and experiences better. WomanLog provides an extensive library of articles on sexual wellbeing, understanding your menstrual cycle, the ins and outs of pregnancy, and other health-related issues.

Exploring a Wealth of Science-Based Articles in WomanLog's Extensive Library

Do you want to know how to take care of curly hair, or maybe you are interested in post-partum recovery? Whatever your question—we have probably written about it. If we haven’t, let us know!

Reason 3: WomanLog supports both free and Pro versions

We believe that period care should be accessible to everyone who wants to build awareness of their reproductive health, which is why we offer two versions of WomanLog—a free app that anyone can use and a paid Pro version. While the Pro version offers many special features, you can access the most important aspects of cycle tracking through our free version. The free version has ads, and we know ads can be annoying, but in return we don’t bother you with subscription reminders. We never block access to your data or ask you to pay for surprise undisclosed services. You choose what you want to pay for.

Empower Your Reproductive Health: Choose Between WomanLog's Free and Pro Versions

The paid Pro version is ad-free and gives you access to all our pro features such as tracking additional symptoms, comparing your cycle to the phases of the moon, and creating PDF reports. Both versions feature an Intelligent Assistant function that can provide deeper insight into your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or menopause experience—but that does require an in-app purchase, which is cheaper for Pro version users.

Reason 4: Your data is safe with us

Recently, some period tracking apps have been criticised for sharing user data with third parties. Not only does this practice violate your privacy, but it can also put you in danger. In the US, where changes to abortion law are taking place across the country, many people have begun to question whether it is safe to continue using period tracking apps. Can your user profile be used as evidence against you if you decide to get an abortion and live in a state where it’s illegal to do so?

Ensuring Security: Trust WomanLog to Safeguard Your Data

We stand for every woman’s right to make her own choices regarding reproduction and sexual wellbeing. We never have and never will share your data or sell it to any third party. In fact, whether you share your data with us is up to you. Saving information to a WomanLog account is only necessary if you want to back up your data history or wish to use an optional feature, such as Intelligent Assistant. You can track your cycle, the symptoms you experience, and major reproductive events without fear because your personal information is safe and in your hands.

By the way, the Eticas Foundation just released the results of their study on how 12 top period tracker apps use data. We are the only app on the list that doesn't share or sell user data under any circumstances!

Reason 5: We have a long history of serving our clients well

We released WomanLog on Google Play in 2010 and on App Store in 2011. Our client base has grown exponentially since then, and we’ve introduced many additional features and customization options.

We wouldn’t claim that our app is better than the others if the experience of our customers didn’t back it up. We have a long list of happy clients. Some of them have been using our app for more than 10 years. We are grateful for your trust and try each day to improve our services to benefit you and your reproductive health.

Trusted Legacy: WomanLog's Proven Track Record in Client Service

Here’s what some of our loyal users say about WomanLog:

Solid app! I’ve been using it for years and recommend it 100%.

I had tried several ... this is the application I like best!!! Recommend!!

I can recommend it to every woman. I’m very satisfied.

100% accurate on my cycle! I’ve had this app for 10 years. The automatic data backup was a huge blessing when I lost my phone!

I’ve used the app for almost 9 years—everything’s great!

I’ve been using it since 2010 and have saved logs since then in my account! Love it! It is amazing! Great job!

One of the best programs—I’ve been using it for several years! Very, very useful for all girls and women!!!

Love this app! It was perfect for tracking my period and my symptoms; and when I was ready to get pregnant the ovulation count worked perfectly!

I have been using this app to keep a record of my female happenings for a long while (more than a few years) and it has worked really well and is accurate. I love how many options there are for recording my experience. I often recommend this app to others.

WomanLog is so easy to use and it’s fantastic for tracking my cycle! I love being able to track my symptoms—it helps me recognize irritability and understand why I am irritable. Best period tracker there is! I have used this for at least 4 years, possibly longer, and have set my daughters up as well.

Awesome app... it’s spot on with everything. Always tells me when my period will start. It’s how I was able to get pregnant!! Best app!!

I have used this app for many years now; at least 11 years since I first downloaded it on Android. My data history has successfully made it this far—through many years and phones—and now onto iOS. The app is consistent and reliable, and the features and functions have continued to improve over the years. I’m a loyal user and recommend both the base app and the Pro upgrade if it makes sense for you. I have yet to be disappointed.

I love this app!!! I have used it for over 9 years now! It has helped me so much! I’m very forgetful about the dates of my period, so I depend on this app! It has helped me to keep track of my periods, when I’m ovulating, and so much more! I love it!!! Thank you!!!

I think I left a review before. A good one too, and years later, I’m still active. This is the longest relationship I've had, and I like it ;) WL has done some upgrades, which is cool. I can now input what time I had sex, and more symptom options for recording when something changes in your body.

Helps me keep track. Especially helpful when I go to the GYN—I just whip out my app when they ask for dates. Also, it’s nice to know the projected menstrual cycle while planning trips. I like the extensive list of symptoms; it helps me see with how long I’ve been experiencing certain things.

I love this app. It makes my life easier by tracking everything regarding my cycles. I don’t know what I’d do without it now! Thanks for the great features too.

I’ve been using this app for many years now—and I love it! Lots of useful features including symptoms, moods, flow, etc. And a backup is possible in case you lose your info.

I just use it to look up when my next period starts, but I love it and it’s really useful 😊👍

We could never have come so far without you, loyal users. Thank you for choosing us! <3

If you haven’t tried WomanLog yet, we invite you to give it a go! Start tracking your cycle today, browse through our library to find answers to your reproductive health questions, and—most of all—befriend your period.


How to choose your period tracker?

When choosing a period tracker app, we recommend looking into the app’s features, commitment to user privacy, and payment options. Can you only track your period, or can you track other symptoms too? Does the app offer modes for pregnancy and menopause? Your privacy is crucial. Make sure the app you choose doesn’t share your personal data with any third parties or use it for their own benefit. Payment options are also important. Is the app transparent about its monetization practices?

Can you use WomanLog as contraception?

Not only does WomanLog allow you to track your menstrual cycle, but it helps you identify your ovulation window and most fertile days. You can register your basal body temperature, changes in vaginal discharge, and other symptoms that can help determine when you are most likely to get pregnant. However, it takes several months before the tracker can begin making predictions, and we cannot offer guarantees. If you are sexually active and don’t plan on getting pregnant any time soon, we suggest using an additional method of contraception.

How accurate is the period tracker app?

The accuracy of any period-tracking app depends on how long you’ve been registering your data, how thoroughly you do it every month, and the unique features of your individual cycle. If your cycle is regular, you record your symptoms faithfully, and you use other complementary features to record your symptoms, our app can predict your fertile and period days quite accurately.

Can you track irregular periods?

You absolutely can track irregular periods! If your cycle is irregular, some say it’s even more important to track. WomanLog can help you gain insights into the patterns of your cycle and identify which symptoms are most informative. If you share this information with your doctor or gynaecologist, they can use it to get a better picture of your reproductive health.

Can I tell when I’m ovulating even if my period is irregular?

Although an irregular cycle makes it more challenging to tell when you are ovulating, there are tell-tale signs to watch for—a rise in body temperature; more abundant vaginal discharge; a slightly softer, more open cervix. These three signs in conjunction indicate ovulation. However, the most reliable way to track ovulation is to use test strips that measure how much LH (lutenizing hormone) is present in your urine because LH surges during ovulation. Ovulation Tests are similar to, but different from, Pregnancy Tests; both are available without a prescription at most pharmacies.

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