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Meet Our WomanLog AI ChatBot: Understand Your Cycles Better, Track Your Symptoms, and Enjoy Fast Information at Your Fingertips

Did you ever imagine that one day you would have a personal health assistant on your phone? Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage right now, and we’re just scratching the surface of how machine learning, natural language processing, and other AI technologies can make our lives easier. Although we tend to associate AI with cutting-edge technologies, there are many ways we can benefit in our daily lives, including helping you navigate information about your menstrual cycles and reproductive health.

WomanLog AI ChatBot: Enhance Cycle Awareness, Symptom Tracking, Instant Information

We’ve recently launched a new WomanLog AI Chat feature, enabling you to use our app more easily. Learn more about the features we offer, get tailored answers about your cycles, pregnancy, or menopause transition, and find relevant information about women’s health on our website library.

This new development helps us improve our customer support and provides you with more clarity when using the WomanLog app to track your cycle and other reproductive events.

What is the new WomanLog AI Chat functionality?

What is AI, and how does it work? AI chatbots such as ChatGPT, Google’s Bart, or Bing’s search engine use language learning models, machine learning, and other AI technologies to gather information to generate responses to even the most complex questions or requests.

At WomanLog, we are currently using the ChatGPT language model as it is trained on vast amounts of publicly available data, making it knowledgeable on various topics, including women’s health and period tracking. This way, we can rapidly provide you with accurate information.

If you’ve ever used a chatbot for work or to find information, you know the interaction can resemble a conversation with a person. Chatbots can answer a wide range of questions and provide you with new ideas, but they can sometimes get things wrong. Our WomanLog AI Chat is a bit different; we designed it to focus exclusively on cycle tracking, symptom logging, general information about women’s reproductive health, and explaining our app’s functions, so it can provide you with accurate and up-to-date answers.

Of course, like with any other information on our website or mobile app, we take great care to ensure that it’s factual and correct. Even so, we encourage you to stay vigilant. If you have significant symptoms or doubts about your health, always consult with your doctor.

Enhancing Your App Experience with WomanLog AI Chat

How does the WomanLog AI Chat improve your experience on the app?

Keeping up with your changing cycle can be confusing, especially if your periods are irregular or when you have a health disorders. However, our extensive database with well-researched evidence-based information enables our chatbot to facilitate your understanding of your cycle and period or pregnancy tracking.


Period Tracker & Calendar

You can track your period using WomanLog. Download WomanLog now:
You can track your period using WomanLog. Download WomanLog now:

Our main goal in developing this new WomanLog AI Chat functionality was to help you use the app more easily, find all necessary features, solve on-app problems, and understand your cycle better. Instead of contacting our customer support, now you can just ask the WomanLog AI Chat for help.

When it comes to period tracking apps, WomanLog is one of the first to incorporate AI. Many other period tracking apps have chatbots to speed up customer support, but only a fraction use AI to make it more personalized and accurate.

However, chat systems used by Internet banks, government portals, or eCommerce sites often get overloaded with questions, which defeats the purpose of fast and accurate customer support. The WomanLog AI Chatbot is refined and tailored to quickly provide accurate, personalized information, making your experience with our app seamless and efficient.

How can you use the new WomanLog AI Chat for yourself?

Add symptoms while having a conversation

Incorporate Symptoms during a Chat

Do you feel tired today or have a headache? Ask the WomanLog AI Chat to register these symptoms and add them to your symptom chart. Or maybe you have a question: Is it normal to have headaches during the luteal phase of the cycle? The WomanLog AI Chat can remind you of common luteal phase symptoms and will recommend adding the symptoms you’re experiencing to your symptom list. You can also ask about symptoms you had a few days earlier, and the WomanLog AI Chat will be able to register your symptoms on the day you experienced them.

Get answers about your cycle and symptoms

Receive Cycle and Symptom Answers

Thanks to this new functionality, you won’t need to spend hours googling your symptoms. You can just ask the WomanLog AI Chat to guide you to learn more about your cycle in seconds. You can also inquire about pregnancy or menopause—depending on which mode you’re using—to help you better understand what’s going on.

You can ask about anything relating to women’s reproductive health and the information you have recorded—from when to expect your next fertile window to how many days you have until your next period starts. The WomanLog AI Chat can answer questions about your past, current, and upcoming cycles.

Get the most out of the WomanLog period tracker

Maximize Your WomanLog Period Tracker Benefits

We work hard to make WomanLog as easy to use as possible, so it’s great if you have questions about the app or want to discover more features. The WomanLog AI Chat can tell you anything you want to know about the app, saving you time and helping you discover all the benefits of period tracking.

Let’s say you want to know how to change your cycle length. The WomanLog AI Chat will explain the process step-by-step. It can also help you in solve technical issues, so you don’t have to wait for customer support. You’ll get the answers to your questions in seconds.

Learn more about women’s health

Did you know that it’s common to have strange dreams before your period? Have you ever wondered about methods to manage pain during pregnancy? Or how to find the right doula for you?

The WomanLog AI Chat is ready to answer all your questions about women’s health and can point you to related articles on our website. You can also access an extensive knowledge base of articles and informational resources about women’s health, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and sexual health in our website library.

How can you start using the WomanLog AI Chat?

Our WomanLog AI Chat is available to paid users with an active subscription to Intelligent Assistant or a Premium account. If you don’t have an account, you can download our period tracking app on Google Play and Apple Store

Once you register, go to the HOME section. In the right corner, you’ll find the chat icon. Just click the icon to open the chat window and ask your question.

Getting Started with WomanLog AI Chat

Track your cycle with the WomanLog app

WomanLog is a digital tool that enables users to track their menstrual cycles, predict fertile days and menstruation, and record cycle-related symptoms for improved body awareness and health management.

The WomanLog app offers accurate information, long-term data storage, and easy access to your information across all your devices. WomanLog is an innovative, pioneering app that incorporates new technologies to benefit our users. In addition to the new AI Chat functionality, our period tracker lets you track your cycle over time to see long-term patterns, predict fertile days, log over 100 symptoms, follow your pregnancy journey, estimate your due date, and navigate your transition to menopause.

We are continuously improving WomanLog and would love to hear any feedback you have about the new AI Chat functionality. We have just launched this new feature, so there may be occasional inaccurate or incomplete responses. Bear with us and help us improve!

We invite you to try the WomanLog period tracker with all its functions to help you understand your body better!

Download WomanLog now:

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Managing your period is time-consuming and expensive, and we’ve all heard stories about wearing white pants on the wrong day. Many women carry the necessities around with them all the time—in case a friend, co-worker, or even a stranger in a public bathroom, might find herself in a messy predicament.
As hormone levels begin to drop after ovulation, most women experience some changes in their physical and mental state such as tender breasts, bloating, or moodiness. Such symptoms are often linked with Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS. For those of us who suffer from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, or PDD, the symptoms—especially those having to do with emotions—are noticeably more severe.
The average woman spends roughly six years of her life menstruating. Most of us just accept this as part of life, but it would be really nice not to have to worry about it.