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Travel & Your Period

We’ve all been there—preparing for a long-awaited trip, when we’re hit with the realisation that our period coincides with those meticulously chosen dates.

To avoid any unfortunate predicaments, pack as many sanitary products you will need for the number of periods you are likely to have over the duration on your trip, then throw in a couple extra.

Some feminine hygiene products are better suited for travel than others—menstrual cups, for example, are reusable, easily cleaned, and take up next to no space. Period panties can also be a great solution.

Don't forget about painkillers if you suffer from cramps or headaches, as analgesics are not available everywhere without a prescription. Wet wipes can be a godsend if there is no running water readily available—just make sure they are genital-friendly. If there’s a chance you’ll be having sex, protection and birth control are a must.

If you’re in for a longer flight or bus ride, keep your necessities in your hand luggage, and utilise the bathroom to freshen up every once in a while. Keeping things clean down there is key not only in avoiding unpleasant odors, but also in preventing toxic shock syndrome.

You wouldn’t want your period ruin your plans, but don’t overdo strenuous activities. For instance, if you suffer from particularly heavy bleeding or cramping, perhaps avoid activities that could compromise your enjoyment (and safety) in combination with these distractions.

You can go swimming while on your period, although it takes a little extra preparation. Some women use tampons, pantyliners or pads, which prevent menstrual blood from leaking out into the water, but also become waterlogged.

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