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Is it a boy or a girl?

Facts and myths about predicting the sex of your baby. Terrible morning sickness? Definitely be a girl! No mood swings? Must be a boy… There are dozens of signs believed to indicate the sex of a baby still in utero, but we know most of these are based on folklore rather than science. Still, if these myths persist don’t they have some basis in fact?

In some cases there is a factual basis for folk beliefs. For example, the latest research shows that nausea during pregnancy may be related to the gender of the child.

But more research is needed to fully understand if there is a significant link between morning sickness and a baby’s sex.

In other cases, methods for predicting the gender of a coming baby are pure nonsense with no scientific basis.

Even the ultrasound test, which can help specialists predict the gender of a fetus with a great deal of accuracy, sometimes leads to mistaken conclusions, especially if the position of the baby makes it difficult to see the genitalia.

Some expectant parents choose not to find out the gender of their child because they want to experience the wonderful surprise when they meet their child for the first time. For them it is well worth the wait!
How soon can a baby’s gender be determined by ultrasound? Why are we so impatient to know if it will be a boy or a girl? To find out more, read the article in English here.

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