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5 sex positions that make the difference

It is true that we all have our preferences. Couples often have one or two sexual positions that lead them more easily to the peak of pleasure. Varying the positions may be wise. By doing the same all the time, it loses its flavour. The routine sets in, but sometimes it takes little to change a habit and the two partners have slightly different feelings.

Elevate Intimacy with 5 Game-Changing Sex Positions.

In this article, we offer to learn not about acrobatic, but impractical sex positions, but about the changes that can be achieved in intimate life with very little - a different angle of the body contact, a change of point of sight or the like. All that is needed is a little will to change habits.

It is possible that the suggestion to a partner to change something in your sexual habits is not immediately accepted with much enthusiasm. Therefore, it should be done with delicacy, keeping in mind the idea of improving the intimate life, rather than harshly criticizing the existing one. Sometimes we subconsciously pay more attention to the things that are not going well, which makes them more important to us. Don’t miss the positive - so don’t forget to analyse your relationship positively.


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1. The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The coital alignment technique is a modified version of very widely known and used classic missionary coital posture where the man rides a little higher, sliding his body up so that the base of the penis rubs against the woman’s clitoris. Why is this sexual posture so effective?

Most women need clitoral stimulation to come, so this position is a game changer.

Even scientific studies have been carried out on this sexual posture and it has been found that women from couples who have used CAT are more likely to report having achieved orgasm, simultaneous orgasm, and that sexual satisfaction was deeper.

This position is originally designed for penile-vaginal intercourse but can be tried by two partners with vaginas. It is often recommended to use a pillow under the lower partner's pelvis in order to tilt it higher.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

A favorite among quite a few men and women is the “woman on top” position: the man lies down on the bed or elsewhere, the woman climbs on top like a cowgirl and let him in. The woman can lean back and hold her ankles or knees while he lifts her up.

Men love it because they can see the partner's body and face. Women like this position because it's great clitoral stimulation, which can lead to a faster orgasm.

In addition, using this position, it is the female partner who is in charge and who leads the whole show by speeding up or slowing down the rhythm of the movements.

However, a completely different type of stimulation can be achieved if a woman is placed on a man's body not with her face towards him, but with her back. Making love in this way stimulates the woman to the famous G-spot. The man, in turn, has a visually extremely arousing view.

Another small modification of this posture: the partner who is below can stand up seated, while the one on top lies on his stomach at the same time. It could also vary by doing it on a chair.

3. The 69

Many couples get pleasure from oral sex. If the man offers oral sex to a woman, it's called cunnilingus, but vice versa - it's fellatio. Because the most sensitive erogenous zones - the head of the penis and the clitoris - are stimulated, the sensations are extremely pleasurable and can lead to orgasm. However, it is possible to supplement this pleasure by caressing each other orally at the same time using the 69 posture.

The idea of the 69 position is following: you put yourselves together like a human yin yang symbol and simultaneously experience the joy of oral sex.

If you can't decide who will be at the top or who at the bottom, this position can also be used while lying on your side.

Although penetration does not occur – and it does not have to be a necessary step! - this is a sexually extremely saturated posture, because the close-up of the partner's genitals and the smell of the body have a very arousing effect. However, this posture also has certain disadvantages: sometimes it is difficult to give quality pleasure to your partner and enjoy it for yourself simultaneously.

Balancing Pleasure - Navigating Simultaneous Satisfaction for You and Your Partner

4. You can leave your... everything on

Another simple possibility, but one that would have a lot of effect to change the routine a bit, is to skip the step of undressing. This avoids the need to lie in bed, so you can try to have sex elsewhere - in the kitchen, on a table or just outdoors.

One of the positions that is super practical but hot at the same time is the square:

by placing yourself at a right angle, leaning in front of your partner, back to him or her, you will only need to lower your jeans underneath your buttocks, or lift your dress just above your loins. The other, then, to unbutton his pants easily or run his fingers over your vulva, then inside your vagina. The advantage of the position is that it allows you to get laid just about anywhere, as long as there is a wall or a tree, or a post to lean against.

This position can also be tried in front of a mirror: one of the options - it will provide additional arousal, the other - sex will certainly look more fun and interesting.

5. The Starfish

Another simple sex position but rarely used for no reason is starfish: the woman is lying on her back, one leg bent, the other extended. The man in turn comes to sit on the lying leg and leans back on his hands.

Penetration is easy and pleasant, and the partner which is below doesn't have much to do – the main duty is to enjoy and to come.

On the other hand, this position will not be liked by partners who do not accept that one is more passive than another.

Dare not to be so serious!

In addition to slightly different sex poses, there are a lot of other ways to refresh your intimate life, for instance, 

  • to sleep naked or, on the contrary, to wear nightwear, giving yourself the opportunity to undress;
  • sleep in separate bedrooms and meet in one bed to make love, not to sleep together,
  • go to spend the night somewhere other than the usual bedroom, such as a hotel;
  • you can also set a rendez-vous and pretend to meet for the first time - try to seduce each other, like you were strangers.

Routine is a natural process that is difficult to avoid. It can also provide some sense of security. However, a relationship is more lively and joyful if it is not lacking in gentleness combined with humour and playfulness. That's why it's worth a try.

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