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Sex during and after pregnancy

Expectant mothers and fathers often worry if it is safe to have sex during pregnancy and if having sex can hurt the baby. However, pregnancy need not mean sexual abstinence: neither penetration nor orgasm can harm the child. Making love does not cause abortion or pre-mature labor.

Pregnancy can be a test of a couple’s level of intimacy—a pregnant women’s libido is unstable because the changing levels of hormones in her body are causing dramatic physiological and psychological changes.

More often than not, a pregnant woman’s sex drive decreases in the first trimester but skyrockets in the second trimester.

In the third trimester many women experience back pain, have difficulty walking, and may have gastric upset. This cocktail of discomforts can make sexual activity more difficult.

Even so, if there is a desire for it couples can engage is sexual activity at any stage of pregnancy, in fact it is encouraged! Physicians only advise against it if arousal or sexual activity could disturb the course of pregnancy or endanger the health of the mother or her child.

Does sexual intimacy influence the movement of the fetus in utero or cause leaky breasts? When isn’t it safe to have sex? To find out more, read the article in Englsih here.

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