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Sex Toys

There is no shortage of toys created explicitly with sexual pleasure in mind, ranging from discreet little vibrators that can fit in the palm of your hand to sex swings for the living room.

Adult stores usually offer a range of standard sex toys that have evolved to satisfy various desires. Dildos are made for penetration, and are often phallic in appearance. There are sizes for every preference and different shapes for stimulating different areas within the body, sometimes several areas at once. Vibrators or “vibes” are electricity powered toys that buzz, pulsate, and throb to stimulate pleasure centres: vibrating dildos for vaginal stimulation, oral vibrators for clitoral stimulation, cock ring vibrators for stimulating the penis.

The power, size, volume, shape, and number of settings a vibrator has can vary greatly, and there are designs for every taste.

Anal beads are designed to facilitate pleasurable sensations upon insertion and removal. Cock rings are meant to restrict blood flow from an erect penis, making the erection last longer, delaying orgasm, and creating pleasurable sensations. Handcuffs and bondage rope are for people who enjoy being restrained, or restraining others. Nipple clamps are meant to stimulate the nipples by pinching them and restricting blood flow, resulting in a pleasure/pain effect, especially upon release.

Pervasive sex and pleasure taboos have hindered the creation and approval of safety regulations for sex toys. Some manufacturers take advantage of this, making toys out of materials that aren’t confirmed to be safe. Always do your research before buying anything that’s going to come into contact with your genitals.

Which sex toy materials are body-safe? What is osmolality? Why shouldn’t you use a silicone lubricant with a silicone sex toy? Read more about Sex Toys here.

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